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What you’ll find in Words & Technology

This vegetable love is a partial compilation of lessons learned over around 30 years in the meaning business. I hope I’ve learned a few things, and here I’m trying to share what I’ve

First, what you will not find here:

          • A magic recipe for sure-fire success in producing communications for technology
          • Entries that promise “Top 5 secrets of communicating effectively” (Question: What, you want the bottom five?)
          • How to become “in pursuit of excellence” or a “thought leader” or a “disruptor” or any other buzzwordiness that promises everything without creating anything real and valuable.

What you will find are discussions that explore the complex world of technology communications. New technologies are inherently detailed, multifaceted and difficult, as is the technology business. To be good at communicating technologies, a person must dig deep into the evolving structures, rules and interactions that make up new
technologies. There are no easy fixes in this business or in communicating it.

At the same time, focus on the customer’s experience, creating it and communicating how an innovation can change life for a business or a personal, is the keystone of what we do. For the last 30 years, I’ve seen new technologies transform life on the planet. I wish I had another 30 to see and play a small part in what happens next. Maybe I do.

Steve Jobs remarked that the molecularly targeted treatments his doctors used, which included constant (and very expensive) updates of his cancer’s changing genome, kept him one step ahead of his disease. He described the experience like ” … jumping from one lily pad to another.” His approach to technology and life was drawn, he said, from his idol, Bob Dylan: “He not busy being born is busy dying.”


This site also has a business purpose: If you like what you read and see here, if you think my experience and skills will help your technology company navigate the labyrinth that is technical and technical marketing communications, then contact William Gargan Communications and we can talk.

Words & Technology is about communicating with people about your technology. You can see that we’ve divided this topic into five categories:

  1. Communicate: You will find here entries about the concepts of communications—historic, scientific, linguistic, rhetorical, artistic—discussions of communications software you need.
  2. Communicating Your Technology: Here are the nuts and bolts of marketing communications for technology companies—generally the hardware necessary to develop a winning communications effort for your company.
  3. Technical Documentation: This discipline touches and affects everything your company does—marketing, product support, product development, technical support, customer service, sales, internal communications, business processes.
  4. Using Media: Entries here cover the how-to’s of using the means of communications—helping you to discover the how’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and why’s of media available to you.
  5. Editorial Style: Think of this as your user’s guide for the telling details of writing and language—a coding guide for producing the ultimate software language that enables the ultimate hardware, human beings.
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